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Supporting Cardiovascular Health

Nutrition research has shown that Enzogenol supports cardiovascular health through supporting healthy endothelial function (blood vessel elasticity), healthy plasma viscosity, healthy fibrinogen levels and healthy blood pressure.

The effects of Enzogenol on parameters of cardiovascular health were published in the following peer-reviewed research articles.


Shand, B., Strey, C., Scott, R., Morrison, Z., Gieseg, S., 2003. Pilot study on the clinical effects of dietary supplementation with enzogenol, a flavonoid extract of pine bark and vitamin c. Phytotherapy Research 17, 490-494.

Young, J. M., Shand, B. I., McGregor, P. M., Scott, R. S., Frampton, C. M., 2006. Comparative effects of enzogenol and vitamin c supplementation versus vitamin c alone on endothelial function and biochemical markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in chronic smokers. Free Radic Res 40, 85-94.

Pipingas, A., Silberstein, R. B., Vitetta, L., Rooy, C. V., Harris, E. V., Young, J. M., Frampton, C. M., Sali, A., Nastasi, J., 2008. Improved cognitive performance after dietary supplementation with a pinus radiata bark extract formulation. Phytotherapy Research 22, 1168-1174.

These findings demonstrate how Enzogenol contributes to supporting healthy blood circulation, healthy blood vessel function and healthy blood pressure, all important factors for a healthy cardiovascular system. Findings of reduced fibrinigen levels in heavy smokers indicate how Enzogenol can contribute to a healthy anti-inflammatory balance in the body.
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