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Company Profile

Enzo Nutraceuticals Ltd is an innovative science-based natural products company, producing and marketing, internationally, our key product: ENZOGENOL pine bark extract.

Enzo Nutraceuticals Ltd bases its product development on sound scientific principles, and produces safe and efficacious health-enhancing products using environmentally sound production methods.


Company name: ENZO Nutraceuticals Limited
Head Office: Cnr Opatito Rd & Lee Ave, Paeroa 3600, New Zealand

Director: Michael Giles
Director: Barry Giles
Managing Director: David Giles
Chief Science Officer: Dr. Matt Frevel
General Manager, Japan: Keiko Nakanishi

Established: 1998

Main Businesses
Manufacture and trade of Enzogenol® Pine Bark Extract
Research science on Enzogenol®
Sale and marketing of Enzogenol® food, supplement, and cosmetic products

Plant / Operation Facilities
Cnr Opatito Rd & Lee Ave, Paeroa 3600, New Zealand

Associated Companies
ENZO Bioactives Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

Company History

Process patent applications filed, Enzogenol trademark registered, Pilot production facility commissioned
ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd founded, Production plant established, Enzogenol launched in New Zealand
Enzogenol launched internationally, US Process patent awarded
Distribution channels established in Singapore and USA
First clinical trial on Enzogenol commences, Enzogenol launch in Japan
UK office established, Research joint venture established with HortResearch Ltd, First peer reviewed publication on Enzogenol appears in print
Japan office established, Established Australia subsidiary, Three double-blind, controlled clinical trials commenced, Four additional patents filed
ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd invited to exhibit at the 4th APEC Science Minister Conference, Enzogenol products launched in China, Two New Zealand patents granted
Head office move to Auckland
Commence building of new production facilities in Paeroa, New Zealand – ecologically designed model plant with ‘low-carbon footprint’, Completing new RCT on effects of Enzogenol on cognitive function, Filing new coginitive function patent for Enzogenol
Finished construction of new plant and move to the new facilities, New Head Office,

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