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Ecological Sustainability

Ecologically sustainable production of the Enzogenol pine bark extract has been a top priority for our company.This policy has been part of the company philosophy since it was founded in 1998.

The Enzogenol production process was developed with the premise of sustainability in mind. The choice of pure water as the only solvent in the process greatly minimises the impact on the environment inherent in other organic solvent-based processes. The production process uses no chemicals, only pine bark and water enter the process. The process creates no environmentally harmful wastes. Instead, it only leaves water and a fine bark mulch behind, which is in turn used for gardens or as floor covering in stables.

The use of New Zealand pine bark as the raw material source for Enzogenol has no negative impact on the environment since the bark is a byproduct of the timber industry. Furthermore, starting with this forestry byproduct, ENZO Nutraceuticals produces a high value, and more importantly, health promoting 100% natural food, supplement and cosmetic ingredient.

The Pinus Radiata trees are grown in New Zealand's pristine environment in very large, sustainably managed forest plantations excluding any possibility of harming the rare native trees in New Zealand.

The choice of location of our new production facility was also driven by ecological considerations. Building the new plant in the centre of New Zealand's North Island very close to the large pine forest plantations has greatly minimised our fuel consumption for the raw material transport.

All electricity used in our plant is certified carbon neutral. The power is produced exclusively by either water, wind or geothermal energy.
The energy consumption has been minimised as much as possible through the latest design in machinery. In this way ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd strives to continually reduce our carbon footprint.

We are very proud to be producing a great product, that has improved many peoples lives through improving their health, with a very minimal environmental impact that guarantees this products sustainability for many generations.
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